We will use our collection of multi-rotor drones to service areas where space for
take off and landing is limited. Fixed wing senseFly eBee RTK drones will be used in
situations where a wider coverage area are required.


Our collection of Multi-Rotor Drones for Services

Parrot bebop-pro thermal

Parrot bluegrass

Parrot anafi work

Inspire 1 Pro

Spreadwings S1000+


Advantages of
Multi-Rotor Drones

Cost – Usually less expensive
Access confined spaces more easily
Can be deployed from absolutely anywhere


Our Fixed Wings Drones for Services

Advantages of Fixed Wing Drones

Map with increased accuracy

The eBee can cover up to 12
(4.6 Sq.mi) in a single automated flight, while flights over smaller areas, flown at lower altitudes, can acquire images with a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of down to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel.

Minimal operator involvement during flight

The eBee is the easiest to use professional drone on the market, used by thousands of customers around the world. To launch it, just throw the eBee into the air! It then flies, captures images and lands itself. However you can always alter its flight plan or land manually if required.

Your complete solution

If you wish to do everything yourself, we can also provide you with the eBee package which contains everything you need to start mapping: a high-resolution RGB Sony camera, batteries, radio modem and eMotion, our highly acclaimed flight planning and control software. We can then train you to fly the drone, process and analyze the eBee’s images using professional image processing software and provide you with continued support throughout your journey.