EGAT Mae Moh open pit lignite mine mapping & coal volumetric calculations

May 25th 2016

A  demonstration on the capabilities of the fixed wing senseFly eBee RTK to map the open pit lignite mines of EGAT at Mae Moh, Lampang province took place in late May this year. A full day of flying over 2 of the quarry as well as over the area where the coal are stockpiled ready to be fed into the boiler of the power plant.

Over 600 images of the quarry were processed overnight to obtain the orthomosaic (2D), DSM, DTM, 3D Point Cloud as well as the contour map. An additional 500 images were processed for the coal stockpile.

Mae Moh Open Pit Lignite Mines

Over 600 images were taken over a 2 area of the open pit mine. These images are then stitched together to generate a 3D visualization seen above

Coal storage ready to be fed into the boilers

Another 500 images of the coal stockpile were processed to calculate the volume of the different piles.