We also engage in customization of services according to client needs which includes the provision of both drone hardware, developing specialized software platform and services as well as training and maintenance.


A case in point is the use of the senseFly Albris for the inspection of Power Transmission Towers and Power Lines.

The Albris is designed for close inspections of structures and hard to see and hard to reach components with a resolution of down to 1 mm/pixel. Its built-in thermal camera allows determination of heat signatures under actual operation to determine heat build-ups of electrical components. We are engaged in the design the supporting software platform to incorporate the findings of each tower structure within the transmission network to facilitate the maintenance operation by prioritizing the severity of the conditions, identifying which tower needed servicing sooner than another.
The senseFly Albris is an ideal vehicle for inspections of other structures as well such as bridges, buildings, chimneys, silos and dams.

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