senseFly Solar 360

senseFly Solar 360 with Raptor Maps is a uniquely efficient
thermal drone solution.
It enables companies that own,
manage or maintain solar assets,
or drone service providers,
to assess the performance
of solar plants at a sub-module level.
This process is quick, easy
and does not require piloting skills
or the manual review of aerial data.
Inspection in hours, not days


Define the farm (or farms) to inspectSet the ground resolution required


Throw the eBee X fixed-wing drone into the air
Capture high-res thermal and radiometric RGB imagery
Document 65 ha (161 ac) of sub-module level anomalies
in a single 42 m (138 ft) flight
After launch, the eBee X flies, takes photos, and lands itself


Upload the drone’s thermal and RGB images to
Raptor Maps
Raptor Maps uses AI to analyse each aerial image – identifying, classifying, and localising anomalies automatically
Raptor Maps automatically generates a detailed actionable inspection report


Put Raptor Maps’ data to work – scheduling maintenance or detailed ground assessments as required, and providing asset owners with required documentation and status updates
Share Raptor Maps reports and outputs quickly and easily in enterprise-compatible formats

Inspection has never been so efficient


• Inspect solar farm installations of up to150 MW in a single day* compared to 500 kwper day on foot using handheld sensors – anefficiency boost of up to 300X
• Document 65 ha (161 ac) of sub-module levelanomalies in a single 42 m (138 ft) flight –double the coverage of multi-rotor systems
• Achieve 5X faster drone inspections thanks toRaptorMaps’ first-of-its-kind software solution


• Capture radiometric thermal and visual RGBimagery — no piloting experience required
• Raptor Maps generates a detailed & actionableinspection report - identifying, classifying, andlocalising anomalies automatically
• The eBee X is an inherently safe, end-to-endintegrated solution


Raptor Maps users report average annualsavings of US $2,000/MW
• Break even on your senseFly Solar 360investment after just one flight!
• Use the eBee X’s RGB camera data togenerate a geo-accurate digital terrain model,useful for optimising a farm’s design
• Perform more frequent PV solar farminspections, allowing problems at the string,module and cell level to be detected early