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Depending on the nature of the area or physical structure to be investigated, whether it be in the city with limited open spaces or in the countryside with wide open fields, we can select the right type of drones from our collection (fixed wings or multi-rotors) to best suit the tasks at hand.

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We use state-of-the-art software to process these high quality images to obtain the following end products, namely, Orthomosaics (2D), Digital Elevation Model (DEM) which includes both the Digital Surface Model (DSM) and the Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Contour Maps, 3D Point Cloud and Textured Mesh, high accuracy volumetric determination as well as generating Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Maps.

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Solar 360

SenseFly Solar 360 with Raptor Maps is a uniquely efficient thermal drone solution. It enables companies that own, manage or maintain solar assets, or drone service providers, to assess the performance of solar plants at a sub-module level.
This process is quick, easy and does not require piloting skills
or the manual review of aerial data.
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Flying a drone indoors has its own particularities and is definitely different from flying a drone outdoor. To help you maximize your return on investment, we have defined a complete set of certifications and thorough training courses to ensure that your Elios is always operated in the safest conditions and in the most efficient way.
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